Individual Regulation

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Regulation Notification No. Date
Multi Year Distribution Tariff Regulations, 2018 BERC-SMP-21/2018-12 28-08-2018
Multi Year Transmission Tariff and SLDC Charges Regulations, 2018 BERC-SMP-23/2018-11 28-08-2018
Terms and Conditions of Intra-State Open Access Regulations, 2018 BERC-SMP-03/2018-10 17-07-2018
Procedure for filing Capital investment and Capitalisation plan Regulations, 2018 BERC-SMP-35/2017-09 17-07-2018
1st Amendment to Terms and Conditions for Tariff Determination from Renewable Energy Sources Regulations 2018 BERC-SMP-22/2018/08 17-07-2018
Fixation of Charges for Supply of Electricity by Distribution Licensee Regulations, 2018 BERC-SMP-4/2018-07 17-07-2018
Power Regulatory Accounting Regulations, 2018 BERC-SMP-31/2017-05 03-04-2018
Banking of Power from fossil fuel and renewable energy based Captive Generating Plant Regulations, 2018 BERC-SMP-34/2017-04 03-04-2018
Power Purchase and Procurement Process of Licensee Regulations, 2018 BERC-SMP-27/2017-03 03-04-2018
Audit of Compliance Regulations, 2018 BERC-SMP-32/2017-02 03-04-2018
Rooftop Solar Grid Interactive Systems Based on Net and Gross Metering Regulations, 2018 BERC-SMP No.-36/2017-01 03-04-2018
Terms and Conditions for Tariff Determination from Renewable Energy Sources Regulations, 2017 BERC-SMP No. 10/2017-06 24-10-2017
Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum, Electricity Ombudsman and Consumer Advocacy Regulations, 2017 BERC-SMP No.36/2016-05 23-10-2017
Standards of Performance of Distribution Licensee (2nd Amendment) Regulations 2017 BERC-SMP No. 47/2016-04 30-08-2017
2nd Amendment to Renewable Purchase Obligation, its Compliance and REC Framework Implementation Regulations, 2017 BERC-Case No.-SMP-42/2016-01 29-03-2017
5th Amendment to Bihar Electricity Supply Code, 2016 BERC-Case No.-27/2015-01 25-02-2016
1st Amendment to Delegation of Financial Powers Regulations,2015 BERC-Regl-06/2013-08 09-12-2015
1st Amendment to Appointment of Consultants Regulations,2015 BERC/Suo Motu Proceedings No. 32/2015-07 06-10-2015
BERC (Rooftop Solar Grid Interactive Systems Based on Net-Metering) Regulations 2015 BERC-SMP No. 5/2015-05 06-07-2015
1st Amendment to Recruitment and Terms and Conditions of Service of Officers and Employees Regulations, 2014 BERC-Estb-17/2013-04 28-05-2015
4th Amendment to Fees, Fines and Charges Regulations, 2015 BERC-SMP No. 6/2015-03 20-05-2015
4th Amendment to Bihar Electricity Supply Code BERC/Case no.18/2013-02 18-05-2015
1st Amendment to Conduct of Business Regulations,2014 BERC/Suo Motu Proceedings No. 43/2014-08 31-12-2014
Demand Side Managment Regulations, 2014 BERC-SMP -21/14-07-823 22-08-2014
Delegation of Financial Powers Regulations, 2014 BERC-Regl-06/2013-05 15-07-2014